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School recognized by Coni

School recognized by Coni

Lindy Hop in Florence was founded in 2010 with the desire and purpose to spread the beauty and energy of the music of Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Jazz dance in its purest dimension and faithful to the spirit and original technique. Not just a dance school, ours is a real project that aims to share, through the various initiatives promoted, a great passion in order to make it known and appreciated as much as possible. Our main objectives? Learn and grow together to create a different way to socialize dancing Swing: join us!

The presentation lesson of the courses for beginners is free, subsequent lessons if you do not intend to enroll in the course are charged at a cost of € 10 each.
If you missed the first lesson and want to try the course, you can do so by sending an email to info@lindyhopinflorence.com specifying the request.

The trial lesson for higher levels (from the second level up to the highest level) is not free and will be counted in any package chosen, if you decide not to enroll in the course the single lesson will be paid on site at a cost of 10 € each.
The month is intended to solar so it is possible that, for the same price, a month contains three, four or five lessons.
As monthly contribution, it means the four lessons of one hour each in a cycle of four weeks.
As a quarterly contribution, this means the twelve lessons of one hour each in a twelve-week cycle.
As an annual contribution, this means the thirty-two lessons of one hour each in a thirty-two-week cycle.
In order to fall within the number of scheduled lessons, it may be necessary to overrun in the month following the end of the course.

It is counted as an average of four lessons per month.
Lessons missed by the student may not be made up.
Teachers will ensure that classes are held regularly and made up in case of sudden absence due to force majeure.
Lessons during Italian holidays, marked in red on the calendar, will not be made up.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to move and/or change and/or cancel at any time location and/or lessons, even permanently, or to hold online lessons, if it is necessary, or for force majeure causes not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.

Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to move, replace or relieve the teacher from his or her class at any time, should the conditions of the class deem it necessary, or for reasons of force majeure not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.
In Lindy Hop there is no term man and woman, but leader and follower, those who lead and those who follow, regardless of gender.
The teachers, if they deem it necessary, for the regular course of the lesson, may be required to dance with people of the same sex.

During our classes the couples rotate to allow everyone to dance with everyone, it is therefore considered mandatory to change partners when the teachers request it.
Classes have a maximum number of participants based on the capacity of the room, to ensure movement and the possibility for teachers to follow the class.
The Website manages automatically the enrollments and the parity between leaders and followers, that is who leads and who follows, with a minimum disparity, however if you are not admitted to the course you will receive a notice by email at the address you provided during the registration to the Website and you will be put on the waiting list until there are no available places.

Lindy Hop in Florence would like to point out that, being disciplines originating in America, all the activities promoted could have explanations and/or terms exclusively in English.
The use of any electronic audio/video/smartphone/tablet device is forbidden during the lessons.
If the student has been absent for some time, he/she can rejoin the course only if the teachers allow it and in any case by paying the fee for the period in which he/she was absent.

Want to know more about us? Visit our official website lindyhopinflorence.com