Have you met us now and want to try a class?
If you have never danced and want to get closer to this dance you can try for free. Check if registration is open for beginners on the site in the section courses and if not open contact us.
The first trial is free.

It is not essential to the trial lesson but is required to certify the absence of serious diseases that would prohibit physical activity even non-competitive as ours. You can go to your doctor and request a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities.

You can participate in the events only if you have the membership card of the Association, but you can buy it directly at the entrance when you will be asked, or purchase it online in advance. We remind you that the membership is valid from September 1 to August 31.

To participate in courses and events is essential our card issued a few days after registration and payment (in time to assign it to the user) it must always be shown at the entrance if required.

Our teachers are also specialized in courses for children, check if there are active courses here.

We usually have midweek appointments to practice and socialize and once a month the main event with the live. We also organize extra appointments and group outings to participate in the events of other realities in Italy and abroad.

You can pay by Paypal, credit card or cash at the office by showing up on time to facilitate the start of class on time.

To participate in the courses is essential to wear comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit or clothing that does not create friction, not adherent and clean spare sneakers to safeguard the hygiene of the floor in the room, to be worn on your arrival at the venue.

Yes it is possible, at the time of enrollment the system will ask you for the payment you prefer, eg: the whole course, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly and all the proposed solutions of the course you choose.

The payment deadlines will be reminded by sending an email a few days before the deadline.

You can pause the course as long as the make-up is in the same seasonal period. September 1 through August 31.

On average, four lessons are enough to start moving on the dance floor with your classmates.
Learning is subjective and strictly individual, the experience grows according to the desire to learn and the practice you do.

Absences on the part of the student are not recoverable, however, if we have another active course at the same level, we can make up the lesson, as long as it does not become a habit. The prolonged absence would unbalance the homogeneity of the group and it is not certain that the other courses are at the same level as the course you usually attend.

If you don't feel comfortable you can choose to change the level, downgrade or upgrade, but the last word will be up to the teachers who will evaluate with you the right choice, talk to them or contact us.

Usually the courses have a duration of eight months, from September to May, but occasionally we organize shorter or longer courses. In the description of each course you will find the duration of each of them.

As for Lindy Hop, a couple is not necessary as in our classes there is the possibility to rotate and change partners to dance with everyone.
You can try Jazz Solo being a solo dance.

You can make up for a period of absence or burn the steps to learn faster or improve the steps or style. You can also make by appointment private lessons with the teacher you prefer.
Contact us by email.
Please note that private lessons cannot be deducted from your regular group course credit.