The presentation lesson of the courses for beginners is free, subsequent lessons if you do not intend to enroll in the course are charged at a cost of € 10 each.
If you missed the first lesson and want to try the course, you can do so by sending an email to specifying the request.
The trial lesson for higher levels (from the second level up to the highest level) is not free and will be counted in any package chosen, if you decide not to enroll in the course the single lesson will be paid on site at a cost of 10 € each.
The month is intended to solar so it is possible that, for the same price, a month contains three, four or five lessons.
As monthly contribution, it means the four lessons of one hour each in a cycle of four weeks.
As a quarterly contribution, this means the twelve lessons of one hour each in a twelve-week cycle.
As an annual contribution, this means the thirty-two lessons of one hour each in a thirty-two-week cycle.
In order to fall within the number of scheduled lessons, it may be necessary to overrun in the month following the end of the course.
It is counted as an average of four lessons per month.
Lessons missed by the student may not be made up.
Teachers will ensure that classes are held regularly and made up in case of sudden absence due to force majeure.
Lessons during Italian holidays, marked in red on the calendar, will not be made up.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to move and/or change and/or cancel at any time location and/or lessons, even permanently, or to hold online lessons, if it is necessary, or for force majeure causes not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to move, replace or relieve the teacher from his or her class at any time, should the conditions of the class deem it necessary, or for reasons of force majeure not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.
In Lindy Hop there is no term man and woman, but leader and follower, those who lead and those who follow, regardless of gender.
The teachers, if they deem it necessary, for the regular course of the lesson, may be required to dance with people of the same sex.
During our classes the couples rotate to allow everyone to dance with everyone, it is therefore considered mandatory to change partners when the teachers request it.
Classes have a maximum number of participants based on the capacity of the room, to ensure movement and the possibility for teachers to follow the class.
The Website manages automatically the enrollments and the parity between leaders and followers, that is who leads and who follows, with a minimum disparity, however if you are not admitted to the course you will receive a notice by email at the address you provided during the registration to the Website and you will be put on the waiting list until there are no available places.
Lindy Hop in Florence would like to point out that, being disciplines originating in America, all the activities promoted could have explanations and/or terms exclusively in English.
The use of any electronic audio/video/smartphone/tablet device is forbidden during the lessons.
If the student has been absent for some time, he/she can rejoin the course only if the teachers allow it and in any case by paying the fee for the period in which he/she was absent.


The user, by paying his contribution, declares to commit himself to attend regularly the chosen activities, courses, workshops, festivals, events and to communicate his absence in time by sending an e-mail to
Lindy hop in Florence is not required to reimburse the member the contribution paid in case of prolonged absence, illness, injury, and/or other cases not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not obliged to reimburse the member the contribution paid in case of strikes, natural disasters, riots, pandemics, and/or other cases not arising from the direct responsibility of the association.
Lindy Hop in Florence also reserves the right to deny access to its events and/or lessons to those who do not pay their contribution by the deadline.
Upon request of the student it is possible to pause the subscription only in case of serious or obvious health problems by bringing the medical certificate or sending by email the justification that will be evaluated by the administration. Once the student is declared fit again for the sport activity, the subscription will be reactivated and the student will be able to start attending the course again.
The number of lessons missed will be added to the term of the subscription already paid.
This request will however lapse at the end of the current season and can no longer be recovered. Our season starts on September 1 and ends on August 31.
All the packages offered are not ratable.
The method of payment chosen at the beginning of the course can no longer be replaced.
The student can still give his subscription to another person as long as he is also a member of Lindy Hop in Florence a.s.d. by sending a communication via email specifying the reason and inserting the data of who gives the package and who will use it.
We do not give credit and we do not make exceptions for anyone, if you have not paid the fee you cannot in any way participate in the class.


It is compulsory for the member to provide a valid medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports and E.C.G. electrocardiogram by uploading the same in the appropriate personal area of the Web Site.
If you have not uploaded the files before the beginning of the course you are automatically exonerated Lindy Hop in Florence a.s.d. from any civil and/or criminal responsibility.
To access the halls are required clean shoes, such as low canvas sneakers with rubber soles, both for leaders and followers, no high heels or leather soles, comfortable clothing not tight.
To avoid accidental injuries it is essential not to wear chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches and belts with thick buckles.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to make access to the rooms those who come without clothing and shoes suitable and required to practice the lesson, spare t-shirt, towel for sweating and deodorant for personal hygiene in respect of the partner.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by the partner and/or suffered during the courses, workshops, events, festivals.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not responsible for the non-observance of the above mentioned rules and reserves the right to let members access to its activities if they are not respected.


We believe it is educational and exciting to end the year with a performance, so approximately the last two months of the course will be dedicated to the end of the school year show.
The show will involve all students of all courses and levels.
It may be necessary to attend several rehearsals in the week before the show, with times and days probably different from those of the lessons.
Times and days will be communicated via email. For any extra rehearsals of the show no additional payment is required.
We would like to point out that the end of year show is a very important moment of growth and fun for all members; it is an event that requires a considerable commitment, both to teachers and students and that must be undertaken with due seriousness, but also with passion and enthusiasm, desire to collaborate and to make group.
If you do not intend to participate for any reason, please communicate it by sending a timely email to the association.


All communications to members regarding events, courses and communications take place via email, through notifications on their personal area on the Website and on our social channels, Facebook and Instagram.


Lindy Hop in Florence A.S.D. does not assume any legal responsibility deriving from the illegal use of the service offered.
In addition, the association is not responsible for problems arising from misuse of the service offered or system malfunctions.
The user is solely responsible for anything he/she writes or sends, or anything he/she does through the services offered by the portal.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not required to continuously monitor the contents transmitted through the service and therefore the user must be aware that he/she may be exposed to obscene, false or defamatory contents.
In the event that our staff notices the publication of material that does not comply with the policies of the association, it will promptly remove such material and delete the account of the user who posted it and if necessary report to the competent authorities.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not responsible for the loss and/or theft of objects left unattended inside its premises and/or places where events / lessons / workshops will be organized.
The member also declares to relieve the Lindy Hop in Florence Association and its legal representative from any responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, theft, fraud, expenses and/or damages that the members may suffer from third parties, associations, structures, companies, that even occasionally collaborate to events, manifestations and/or fairs with the association itself.


Teachers reserve the right, should they deem it necessary, to move the student up a level according to the needs of the class itself to create homogeneous lessons and/or to advance, repeat or downgrade the member if the learning abilities are different from the majority present in the class.


The member declares, by participating in all activities promoted by Lindy Hop in Florence, to be aware of and in favor of the disclosure online and on social networks of photographic video material that portrays the participant during the activities of socialization, proposed for the sole purpose of advertising and recreational activity.


Membership in the association is annual, from September 1 to August 31, has a cost of € 10. The membership card is not refundable.
The member is obliged to keep the MSP membership card with care and to show it when requested by the competent bodies.
The card must be shown at every entrance, both for free and paid events, otherwise you will not be able to access in any way.
The validity of the membership is linked to the association that issues it, so in order to take part to the courses and/or events it is compulsory to be in possession of the membership card issued by Lindy Hop in Florence a.s.d. Membership cards issued by other associations are not valid.
Lindy Hop in Florence is not responsible for the theft or the loss of the membership card. it will be care of the member to communicate to the association via email the loss of the card and to ask for a new one, paying again the fee.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to expel or expel from the association those members who for behaviors contrary to the purposes of the association, not respecting this statute and the regulations of the association, causing damage to the same, morally or materially, or for uncivil behavior towards other members and, however, in general for behaviors contrary to any form of civil and social coexistence.
In any case, the member will be personally responsible for the described behaviors, answering for the damages caused, both civilly, criminally and economically, towards the association and any other member.


When you apply to become a member, you ask to be admitted as an effective member of the "Lindy Hop in Florence A.S.D." for the development and achievement of the primary purposes of the same, complying with the rules of these regulations, the social statute and the resolutions of the social organs, and committing to pay the membership fee set annually by the Board of Directors.
The member also declares to release the Association from any responsibility and obligation for any reason whatsoever, in the event of an event causing damage to property and/or personal injury and not to make any claims for damages to the Association as the organizing body of the events and to the organizers and representatives as individuals.
To comply with the provisions currently in force of the D.P.C.M. and subsequent updates following the Covid-19.
To be in possession of a complete and valid medical certificate of eligibility for non-competitive sports activities.
To undertake to upload the files of the medical certificate and E.C.G. electrocardiogram on their personal area of the Website indicating the expiry date of each document.
To be in suitable psychophysical conditions for the activity.
To be aware of the risks, foreseeable and unforeseeable, connected to the practice of the activity, even though it cannot be considered a potentially dangerous activity.
To assume from now on any and all responsibility regarding one's own person, for personal damage and/or damage caused to others and/or things due to a behavior that does not comply with the rules for me, as well as for my heirs and/or assigns, to relieve Lindy Hop in Florence A.S.D., its collaborators and/or employees, as well as their heirs and/or assigns from any and all responsibility for injury, death and/or any damage, even caused by third parties, that may arise to one's own person on the occasion of and due to the activity carried out at the Association.
To have carefully read and evaluated the contents of this document, the Articles of Association, the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy and to have clearly understood the meaning of each single point before signing it.
Understands and fully agrees with the purposes of these rules established for your own safety and that failure to comply with them may put you and your fellow members in a dangerous situation.
For the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, it declares that it specifically approves the points of the above rules described in this writing and accepts them in their entirety.


We reserve the right to modify these rules. The date indicated at the top of this page indicates the date of the last update.
Lindy Hop in Florence reserves the right to modify these rules at any time according to the needs of the association's activities.
We advise members to keep up to date by viewing this page. If you object to our changes, you may delete your account. Continued use of our Website will signify your acceptance and consent to the updated rules.
Lindy Hop in Florence A.S.D.